Quality Control

Quality control is a top priority at Chemiquip Products During the production process, we employ several stages of quality control

Quality control of incoming materials and components

Incoming materials undergo several types of analysis – for example material analysis, hardness analysis or porosity analysis. Further analysis is carried out in cooperation with external laboratories and certification authorities

In-production quality control

During the production stage, all machined components are being checked for accuracy. For this measurement, CNC controlled 3D machines are used. Designated specialists are able to measure very effectively complex machined parts in a quick and reliable way via self-generating measure programs. Before serial production is started, the first piece of each series is checked on the CNC controlled 3D machines. In case of positive result, serial production gets started. Random checks are performed on the running production. Results from all relevant measurements get recorded by quality inspection workers. After evaluation of all results recorded, long term actions are suggested by our professionals. This approach enables us to achieve continuous improvement in our production process.

Final inspection

At Chemiquip Products , final quality inspection is performed after complete products are handed over from the assembly line but before they are made available for expedition by the packaging and storage department. During the final inspection process, finished valves are inspected for conformity with customer requirements. This check is performed by auditors who are independent from the production department, and only after conformity is confirmed, valves are released for expedition.

Adhering to these strict quality assurance and control standards has helped us to keep non-conformities to an absolute minimum.