Our Industries


Chemiquip has distributors strategically located across the U.S.A that stock porous metal pressure snubbers, flow restrictors, pressure limiting valves, gauge savers, and pulsation dampeners and are able to ship immediately following emergency request.


Satellites which are streaming information to our world were flown into orbit with the help of customized Chemiquip gauge savers and valves.


As a leader in the industrial market, our stringent manufacturing standards on per-unit monitoring, has qualified us as a vendor of choice to the U.S. military and their suppliers, participating in projects like the HAWK missile system, the M1 Abrams tank program, and the new modern Helicopter Landing Assault Ship program.


Our team of mechanical engineers work closely with our customers in order to provide solutions for the most difficult and challenging applications


We have decades long established relationships with the biggest shipyards in the USA and work hand in hand on different projects.


As monel is perhaps the most corrosion resistant of all commonly used engineering alloys. Chemiquip Products team of engineers designed a full line of Monel porous metal pressure snubbers, pulsation dampeners, pressure limiting valves, gauge savers, flow restrictors, and flow check valves to serve the oil industry.

Soda & Beverage

Under the Chudnow Manufacturing line we manufacture a whole line of C02 regulators, check valves, draft arm fountains, change over valves, and pipe fittings of all sizes. Please visit our website www.chudnowmfg.com