Our History

Chemiquip Products Inc. was founded in 1953 by Julian A. Lipman. Headquartered in Manhattan, NY. There was a need to manufacturepressure snubbers to protect gauges and other instruments.

After a decade, Chemiquip started to become a national manufacturerfor all instrumentation protection needs such as providing components for the hawk missile program.

In 2007, Chemiquip Products Inc was acquired by the Feldman Family as a privately held venture.

In 2012, after the manufacturing plant in NYC was attacked by hurricane Sandy, Chemiquip relocated to our new facilities in Linden, NJ.

Chemiquip continues to be a pioneer in quality instrumentation protection ever since it's founding over 60 years ago.

Mission Statement

Our Purpose

Chemiquip Products Inc. is committed to providing quality standard and custom solutions which meet our customers’ unique needs. We provide a highly valued experience for our customers and employees by making all our business partnerships enjoyable, professional and profitable.

Our Vision

We are a company that is large enough to produce standard products, but flexible enough to deliver superior quality, value-added, customized results at a competitive price. We seek out customers who share our commitment to value-added design and development of quality products. We sustain profitable growth by developing existing markets and customers and identifying new complementary opportunities that allow us to maintain our uniqueness and diversify our offerings. We attract and retain the best talent as a result of successfully integrating a fun, positive work environment, leadership and people development with recognition and incentives. As a result, our 65-year tradition and legacy renews, grows and prospers.

Our Products

1. Pressure Snubber (Pulsation Dampener) – Protects pressure sensitive instruments against pulsations or surges and assures steady average pressure readings.

2. Pressure Limiting valve – Prevents over-ranging of pressure instruments. Automatically shuts off pressure if it rises above the adjustment pre-set pressure. Allows pressure instruments of different ranges to be connected to a common manifold.

3. Excess flow check valve (hydraulic fuse) – Designed to automatically close the line when a predetermined flow rate is exceeded. Prevents uncontrolled flow of pressure media in the event of line or instrument rupture.

4. Flow restrictor (bleed valve) – accurately meters limited quantities of liquids or gases. Provides desired flow rate for given pressure drop.

In addition, we manufacture excess flow check snubbers, and custom designed valves to meet your requirements. Specialized applications of these products will be given full consideration by our engineering department.

Our Team


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