Standard solutions

Standard Pressure Snubber
Flareless Pressure Snubber
Flared Pressure Snubber
High-Pressure Snubber
Pressure limiting valve
High-Pressure limiting valve


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Custom solutions

Military Spec Pressure Snubber

Chemiquip manufactures a full line of military spec snubbers and pulsation dampeners that conform with Specifications Mil-d-2940 Mil-s-2940 Mil-prf-2940 and Qpl-2940 please contact for more info

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Plug Snubber

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Flow Restrictor

Chemiquip manufactures a wide variety of precision oirfices and flow restrictors, for use in gas or liquid metering or control.

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Excess Flow Check Valve

Designed for protection of system handling noxious, toxic or flammable fluids. The valve assures automatic protection from liquids or gas flows beyond pre-determined limits.

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Excess Flow Check Snubber

All Pressure Snubber feature plus complete isolation of pressure sensitive instrument from system medium.

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You Design, We Create It

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